Looking Back
Looking Back
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tylercoulter Community member
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In the end looking back over things will be your biggest regret!

Looking Back

Looking back on what I could change, I would’ve done it all different,

All the moments I wish to exchange, My heart cries in pain so vociferate.

Move the earth and stars, no change, the pain is still full inside me,

Just take my heart to a firing range, punish it; for it defied me.

What could have changed, What I could’ve become,

I feel estranged, Like a sea of pond scum.

This is a marathon but I can’t run, The race of my existence,

And I’m stuck watching number one, From a distance.

But can I change how I feel? Could I go back and change it all?

If Jesus can take the wheel, He should pull me out of this pitfull.

But then I realized when it was all over, Looking back was my eternal layover.

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