noticing plane ride stories

trunklefish hopeful gay girl
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i began a thought process while on a plane


noticing how, on the wing of the airplane, the arrows were painted by hand and though precise,

there were slight speckles around one where the paint had broken the borders and leeched onto the white metal of the wing

noticing how the colors of the sunset that i was witnessing from above as i rapidly raced toward it became less like a line across the sky and more like a wash of watercolor over and around the acrylic clouds

noticing the wince of the fliers as their headphones are invaded by harsh announcements about the landing time

there’s an exit right in front of me i get extra space because it’s my responsibility to pull the lever if we tip downwards into the clouds and don’t come up again despite

the protests made vehemently by the passengers that our stop isn’t the pacific ocean, we’re not there yet

but they’re wrong

we’ve arrived

please fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be quite a landing. remember to pull the lever, seat 29A

i’m distracted by the paint on the wing of the airplane as we

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