What He Deserves To Hear
What He Deserves To Hear spokenword stories

truedi 24 | German | Short Stories& Poetry
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It's what he deserves to hear.

What He Deserves To Hear

"You are so pretty." I watch him blush. He squirms, so uncomfortable does he feel being complimented. I don't intend to ease my devotion.

"You are so kind. You keep me safe." He needs to know, I think. Turning his head, he looks at me now.

I draw my finger along his forehead, down his nose and lips and chin. He smiles. "Thank you."

I need him to understand. My compliments feel inadequate to describe what he makes me feel. I think to myself:

Your hands is what I would sculpt if I were an ancient Greek artist. Each and every vein.

Would I just be a painter, I could recreate the colour of your eyes when they are hit by sunlight during golden hour.

Would I just be a better writer to do my thoughts about you justice. If I could just write them out without shame.

But my love for you scares me. I don't dare to let myself be overcome for I might not recover. So, all that is left to do is telling you, over and over, what you deserve to hear.

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