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We all have seen those beautiful Disney movies which make us go "awwww" but Disney has made a lot of changes to the actual stories written by the real writers . The actual stories might just not be very SWEET!!


The truth of the little mermaid is bound to shake your world so you better seat yourself on a comfortable chair while you read this . 

In the movie Ariel the little mermaid saved a sailor who was also a prince , got a pair of beautiful legs to walk on the land by an ugly witch who captured her voice in a conch . Later this witch was caught and killed and Ariel got to keep her pair of legs as well as her voice back . she married the prince and lived happily ever after . Yay!! Now let me ruin this for you .

In the real story , Ariel had saved a prince from drowning but unfortunately he didn't remember her , so she wished to have legs so she could go and tell the prince that she was the one who had saved him .

The witch who Ariel visits to have her wish fulfilled is the most  beautiful  of all the witches in the ocean and she doesn't let anyone see her face because her beauty is said to be unbearable for the creatures of sea but unfortunately her voice is all cracked up and gruff due to which she is hated by all

When Ariel goes to her to get her wish fulfilled the witch makes a deal with Ariel in return of her sweet voice . Ariel agrees and the witch rips off Ariel's tougue and eats it . Ariel's wish is granted and she is given a pair  of beautiful legs. However here comes another twist ,

whenever Ariel walks on land it feels like she is walking on hot sharp knives . The prince for whom Ariel does all this doesn't remember her and believes yet another beautiful woman on the coast to have saved His life. Eventually the prince starts falling in love ….

with the other maiden and never returns Ariels love . Ariel who is now heartbroken is believed to have cried an entire ocean of tears and eventually drowns in it and dies . 

Maybe just maybe , the sweet beautiful maiden who the prince marries is the beautiful witch who ate Ariel's tongue to become what she was now . 

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