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themiddlechild Meandering along, fictional life
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My drama teacher told us that acting was often like life


by TheMiddleChild

It's not enough to act

because that's just pretense

we have enough of it in real life

Instead, right here, now

give me something real

Show me the character you are

read the script? go beyond the words

not everything is told in the story!

you're not a being someone made of paper and thoughts

when you're up there in the L I G H T S?

you are so human you will C R Y

don't you dare try to "fake it till you make it"

(cause it'll bite you in the ass)

you need to be so genuine

and so real

that your damn heart can't take it!

Don't give me that crap

I know you're taught to hide

and life taught you how to lie

Not today!

Today you're real!

And today you feel!

So go up there now!

take off that mask while you're at it!

This is your show

and you're the star!

Get out there.

It's your turn!

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