You Made A Meal Out Of Me

    You Made A Meal Out Of Me meal stories

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For the prompt: Meal.
"You whispered sweet words, letting me stew in my own juices before you devoured me."

You Made A Meal Out Of Me

Sharp teeth




Me apart

Words sweet as honey

marinating my insides

The oven preheats

as the tension snaps

and tangs like a rubber band

Your knife slices me open, revealing

the tender meat of my soul

Sauteing me with a side of

lies as bitter and undesirable

as a plate of vegetables

Your goal is to swallow me whole

and you do

I melt in your mouth

slide down your throat

you smile as you absorb me

and then when it's over

shit me out

Only to have the same process done

again, and again, and again

Spicy, sour, or sweet

My pain to you

Is always a treat

You love Whipped cream

and a root beer float

But my tears to you

are the best the most

delicious thing in the world

You pick me clean with your words

Scoop up my insecurities and

deposit them in your hungry mouth

A mouth that takes and hands that take

Until there is nothing left of me

But scraps

Nothing left of me but a vicious cycle

As you eat and devour

I hope you're stuffed

Hope you've had enough

But I'm done

You've had your fun

I am no longer a piece of meat

or a fluffy dessert for you to eat

I am my own person

This was not meant to be Romantic

All along you intended

to make a meal out of me

But now I see your gourmet tastes

That disgusting glutton bhind your pretty face

And I will no longer satiate

your uncontrollable appetite

of fear and hate

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