Selbstmordversuch suicide attempt stories
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I'm angry. I'm tired. I'm numb.


I can still see it but I can't believe it

I thought you said you were okay

I thought you said you were fine

You told me you'd say something if you

thought you might hurt yourself

we walked home and I tried to get you

to tell me what was wrong

you said you didn't know



we got home it was just another day

I laid down and went to sleep

just wanted to go away

you laid down too and we didn't say anything

then you got up and left the room

I thought you were just going to the bathroom

I didn't know what you intended to do

I heard our housemate knocking on the door

asking if you were okay

and then she screamed



I got up not knowing what was going on

everyone was in the bathroom

you were lying in the tub

and then I saw what was wrong

blood on the floor

blood in the tub

You sat there crying as everyone crowded around you

you kept saying you couldn't do it

that you were done

I remember that as I tried to walk into that tiny bathroom

I slipped on your blood

but I didn't even notice too focused on your face

pale and ashy and your eyes that were blank and filled with tears

they held your hand and held a towel over your slit wrist

and I just stood there staring

I picked up the razor threw it away

and over and over in my head it replayed

this is my fault

I didn't know why you would do this

you promised I promised

But you still did it you apologized and apologized

and I............


It hurts

You aren't coming back I think

why would you do this

you just turned 18 have your whole life

ahead of you

Just the other day you were so excited

about living on your own and going to college

I understand but I don't

It hurts

Now I'm alone

I will pray for you every day

and I hope that you get better

until then Tay, I love you and miss you

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