I want to go home
I want to go home monsters stories

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I want to go home

It is dark and quiet

and I lay in my bed and

stare at the ceiling

count the cracks and listen to

my friend's breathing

I do not blink

or make a peep

a car passes on the street

casting shadows on the walls

shaped deformed and threatening

waiting for the light to disperse

before reforming

creeping towards me

tapping their claws on the wooden

floor eyes gleaming

menacingly saliva dripping

from needle teeth

and I burrow beneath my sheets

as their footsteps dance along to

the beat

of my heart

it is dark

I swallow hard

and risk a peek

the monsters smile back at me

and I squeak

please go away

go away go away

I hide under my covers

as I shake and pray

I can hear them laugh

under their breath

can smell their vile odor

it smells like death

I start to cry

and wonder why

they won't leave me alone

as they crouch by my pillow and lean in

I can only think of how much

I want to go home

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