I am Glass
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“Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.”
― Anton Chekhov

I am Glass


Quick to fracture

Shatter to pieces

My edges are sharp

cutting deep with my words

trying to protect myself

My eyes are clear

and hard I have seen horrors

that I can never forget

I am cold

to the touch

lifeless and unknowing

Not responding

You hit me and I ring out

Vibrations shaking me to my soul

Tears drip down my sides

pooling in my interior

hidden so you can't see how

much it hurts

I am sturdy thick

layers intricately blown and

hardening when taken from the flames

If dropped on a soft surface I

bounce and rebound cushioned

by gentle words and kind touches

But you threw me against

the wall and I shattered in multi-faceted

pieces light casting rainbows

behind my face

I screamed out with every fiber

of my being

as I lay scattered in every direction

And bled dry dusty tears

that glittered in the light

You swept me up and

dumped me in the trash

Forgetting about me

as I grew dirty and dull

I stayed there in the dark


in my own misery


And then I was picked out

carefully and placed in a bin

Cleaned off and pieced back

together slowly


Until I was complete

again littered with cracks

held together by clear glue

and their patient encouragement

they stepped back and admired me

"You may not be pretty

But we still have use of you"

They filled me with champagne

airy bubbles filling me

as they cherished me with their love

so that I leaked everywhere

but they didn't mind

and neither did I

they washed me carefully

lovingly, and set me in the cabinet

where I sat among the other fractured glasses

all of us with a story to tell

waiting for the next time

we'd be needed again

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