Today's "Story Challenge" On Commaful Is . . . Jellyfish?
Today's "Story Challenge" On Commaful Is . . . Jellyfish? humorous stories

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Jellyfish? Seriously?

Today's "Story Challenge" On Commaful Is . . . Jellyfish?

by tbanarchy

When I went on Commaful to see what the "story challenge" was, I saw it was . . . jellyfish.


Really, Commaful?

I mean, what the hell am I supposed to say about jellyfish other than they look weird and they can sting your ass.

And, in spite of what it said on that Friends episode, you can't even pee on someone who's been stung by a jellyfish since piss will only make the stingers release even MORE venom.

And, if you get stung on your pee-pee, then you're REALLY screwed (and NOT in the good way!)!

The only really interesting thing to say about jellyfish is that stings from certain JF-such as the box jellyfish (which are also called the sea wasp)-can kill your ass, peeing or no peeing.

BTW, doesn't the box jellyfish look sort of like a penis (which is another, uh-hum, interesting thing about the JF)?

Speaking of boxes, I'm waiting for the "story challenge" one day on Commaful to be on the beaver.

Now there's an, uh-hum, animal I have A LOT to say about!

Just like Larry Flynt!

And let's NOT forget Sharon Stone!

And, irony or ironies, it just so happens that today is-and, no, I'm NOT making this up!-International Beaver Day.

So DON'T forget to give YOUR, uh-hum, beaver a good stroke!

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