My Thoughts On Privacy (& A Few Thoughts On Celebrities)
My Thoughts On Privacy (& A Few Thoughts On Celebrities) privacy stories

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I got your "privacy" right HERE!

My Thoughts On Privacy (& A Few Thoughts On Celebrities)

by tbanarchy

One hears a lot these days about privacy (or lack thereof), especially on so-called social media sites like Facebook.

Facebook's rather weird founder Mark Zuckerberg even testified before Congress on the subject.

All of a sudden people became worried that their "private" info on sites like FB wasn't "private" at all.

And I'm like, DUH! You're just now figuring THAT out?

Mark Zuckerberg has become a billionaire selling YOUR "private" info that YOU post on FB to advertisers & such.

Even the show Adam Ruins Everything did a segment about how your "private" data on FB isn't "private" at all.

So why everyone seemed to be "shocked" by this news was beyond me.

Not only that, but people harp about their lack of "privacy" on sites like FB while they post the MOST intimate details about their personal lives for ANYONE to see.

This is one reason why I don;t post much "personal" info on these sites. I don't even post pictures of myself online (or "selfies", as they're annoyingly called).

Here's the deal: If you TRULY want "privacy", then stay OFF sites like Facebook. Or, better yet, stay OFF the Internet altogether.

In case you didn't already know, many-or most-websites use "cookies" to keep track on what you do online. In other words, SPY on you.

So, no, as you can tell, these AIN'T your grandma's cookies!

At least it's a federal offense for someone to open up your mail-even your mailman-without YOUR permission. You don't get THAT with e-mail!

Speaking of privacy, one thing that's always irked me are all these celebrities who harp about their-you guessed it!-lack of privacy.

Several years ago actor George Clooney led-or tried to lead-a celebrity revolt against the paparazzi for (supposedly) invading celebrities's-again, you guessed it!-PRIVACY.

Even though many-or most-of the celebs who harp the most about their (supposed) lack of privacy are the SAME ones who go on talk shows and do other interviews and, yes, post online & talk about their PERSONAL lives.

To be brutally honest (as I always am!), the ONLY thing I find even remotely interesting about many-or most-celebrities is their job. Otherwise, they all seem boring as shit.

So I guess in THAT sense they truly ARE just like "regular" people!

But, as always, I digress . . .

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