My Thoughts On . . . Eggnog?
My Thoughts On . . . Eggnog? eggnog stories

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My Thoughts On . . . Eggnog?

by tbanarchy

So today's "story challenge" on Commaful is . . . eggnog?

This in spite of the fact that you can't hardly buy eggnog in most places after Christmas.

This reminds me of how the Hallmark Channel airs "romantic" Christmas movies in the middle of July (which the channel is doing right now, BTW).

I myself haven't drank eggnog in years, if that's of interest to anyone (which I'm sure it is!).

BTW, does anyone else think eggnog looks a lot like semen or is it just me?

Kind of like how guacamole looks a lot like puke (which is why I won't hardly eat the shit!)!

Speaking of semen, here's the scene from the film There's Something About Mary where Cameron Diaz "accidentally" uses Ben Stiller's man seed as hair gel.

Man, they sure don't make them like THAT anymore!

I mean, do you honestly think Brie Larson would use Sam Jackson's spuzz as hair gel in, say, Captain Marvel 2?

Somehow I seriously doubt THAT!

Anyway, Happy Holidays, you spuzz, uh, I mean eggnog lovers!

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