My "Message" To Hollywood
My "Message" To Hollywood celebrities stories

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Oh, you probably already know where THIS is going, don't you?

My "Message" To Hollywood

by tbanarchy

I've, of course, posted pieces about Hollywood celebrities and such (usually-but not always!-of a "sexual" nature).

But now I'd like to give my own personal "message" to these Hollywood celebrities-or at least 99.9 1/2 % of them-and Hollywood in general.




Stop with ALL the virtue-signaling and/or the sanctimonious preaching!

OK, we got it. You're "virtuous". You "care" about the lowly peons who aren't even worthy to lick your "virtuous" ass!

But guess what? I hate to break your self-righteous bubble, but many-or most-people DON'T give a shit WHAT you think about ANYTHING!

You're paid millions of dollars to entertain people, and, contrary to what you might think, virtue-signaling AIN'T entertaining!

Maybe-just maybe!-that's why "awards" shows like the Oscars are getting record low ratings.

Likewise, TV ratings are down across the board and the Hollywood movie industry is also losing millions of dollars in revenue every year.

Some, of course, may blame "streaming" sites like Netflix & Hulu but, of course, I'm sure the constant virtue-signaling from the Hollywood crowd AIN'T helping!

Take, for instance, so-called comedian-and constant virtue-signaler-Chelsea Hander who had her last talk show canceled on Netflix, which is unusual for the site which barely cancels ANY show.

It was probably because she does things like tweet how ANYONE who finds "racism" the least bit funny should be-and, no, I'm NOT making THIS up!-ARRESTED.

Which is funny (pardon the pun!) since she dressed her "little person" co-host on her old talk show as-and, again, I'm NOT making this up!-ADOLF HITLER!!!! (That's Heilarious!)

And then we have virtue-signaler extraodinaire Alyssa Milano who is someone whom I've, uh-hum, mentioned before. Alyssa has even "testified" before Congress (with tears in her eyes, no less!).

But, speaking for myself, I don't really need the "star" of such "classics" like Embrace Of The Vampire and/or Poison Ivy Part TWO to tell and/or lecture ME on how I should think and/or feel about shit.

Although I thought her tweet complaining about seeing "Nazi elves" in a Christmas store was the MOST "entertaining" thing she's done in YEARS!

And, while we're at it, I also don't need to hear Leonardo DiCaprio telling ME I'm causing so-called global warming while HE flies around the country in his very own private jet with the latest supermodel he's boinking!

And Rosie O'Donnell, well, Rosie O'Donnell . . .

As for the REST of Hollywood, remember when over 100 celebrities, including Meryl Streep & Whoopi Goldberg, signed a letter in SUPPORT of film director Roman Polanski?

And you know WHAT Roman Polanski is "guilty" of, right? If you DON'T, Google it. (If you DARE!)

So if you're willing to "support" a sicko who's willing to do THAT to a CHILD maybe-just maybe!-you should STFU about "political" matters altogether and do what you're PAID to do: ENTERTAIN!!!!

It's like Anthony Hopkins said in Playboy years ago about being an actor (or celebrity): "What's so special about being an actor? Actors are nothing. They're of no consequence. Most actors are pretty simpleminded people who just think they're complicated."

And I don't have to remind everyone about THIS guy, do I?

Or how about THIS guy?

Besides, didn't MOST of these celebs promise to LEAVE this country if you-know-who-who is, of course, also a celebrity-was elected?

I'm just saying!

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