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Things my mother taught me


What even makes someone pretty?

Why is pretty the greatest achievement a woman can be?

Why is pretty the only thing that matters?

The thing that causes us to hate ourselves, starve ourselves, mutilate ourselves, …and even kill ourselves.

Maybe pretty isn’t the answer…?

Maybe we are so much more than thigh gaps and collar bones.

Maybe we don’t have to just be “pretty” to be something of worth.

Maybe it’s just about us being girls.

Constantly battling for our lives and our right to be more than just pretty.

To mean more than pretty.

To seem more than pretty.

I understand that there are days that you look in the mirror and hate what you see.

You think that pretty is the answer.

There is no pretty…there is no ugly.

There is just you.

A flawed and wonderfully made human being.

A person with dreams and fears.

People they love and that love them.

A person that hurts and cries and laughs and smiles.

Someone who has passions and someone who makes mistakes.

A complex and incredible creation.

So don’t you dare limit yourself to a number on scale.

Or a comment on a picture.

Or a statistic in a book.

Or a simple single word…

Because you are infinite and real and alive and you matter.

And you are more than pretty.

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