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Poetry on Corona Virus


We are the Indian doctors, Serving our nation day and night, We are determined to find a cure to give this virus a healthy fight.

We treat our patients with full dedication, We don't expect you to risk your life and help us, Our only request to you is to stay at home without any hesitation.

Be in quarantine and be patient, Patience is the key to success, If everyone is out of their homes it'll turn out to be a complete mess.

Follow the instructions given by our honourable PM, Avoid public gatherings and Empty the streets, Stay at home and enjoy the home-made feasts.

We can combat this if we are united, There's a long way to go so don't get impatient and over delighted.

Wash your hands regularly and avoid public contact, There's still no cure for the virus, So, you're responsible for your own act.

Your safety lies in your hands, Please be disciplined and don't be over smart, Visit the doctor if you have cough, high fever or any pain in the heart.

Be a keen observer and monitor your symptoms carefully, Don't be negligent even accidentally.

Stay safe at home and spend time with your loved ones. Be productive and use your time wisely, We have to stay calm, As the lockdown will extend most likely.

Read books, learn new languages and study about the flora and fauna, It's not a common disease, it's Corona.

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