The Three Bee Poetry.

     The Three Bee Poetry. rhyme stories

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3 beeish happy poems

The Three Bee Poetry.

1. The beehive is a funny thing, A home for a creature, With antennae and wing, Black and yellow, With a painful sting, 'Tis the comb of the bumbling bee.

2. The bumblebee, Is a sight to see, With flight without great delicacy, (An adjective best suited to their sweet honey) And we always commend their productivity - To something akin to the bee knee!

3. The hive is truly a thing of beauty, And at is core, A queen of duty. And workers who do take her eggs, And tend to them 'til they grow legs, And stings, and wings, Then off they do roam! To flowers and fields, And their own honey home.

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