The 365th Night
The 365th Night eclipse stories

steve_nossiter What would the Night hope for?
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the Night sweeps around the Earth one last time, as his quiet passenger releases the old year from her bonds and gently coaxes in the nervous, inexperienced New Year.

The 365th Night

The night curled around the Earth for one last time.

It was neither slower of faster than any other night but after 364 times cycling it’s dark wave around the planet, the 365th time felt like plain old hard work.

But at the same time, it was kind of fun. It’s funny how some nights, most nights are quiet. Not a whole lot happens.

Then all of a sudden a thousand turtles decide to clamber up one tiny little beach all at the same time, or a gazillion little jellyfish decide to hold their annual conference.

Well this night was interesting because for some reason it was people’s turn to congregate. At least they have enough sense to not all go to the one place on the planet like the other animals.

But even so, their little busy spots, the cities, bulged with an overflow of people from all over the place.

The night thought alot about this. It kind of played on him. All these animals and all these people, and here he was, just one.

Well, I mean, there was the Day, but they basically never saw each other, and hardly ever ‘congregated’.

Except maybe if there was an eclipse, but they hardly count and the day takes all the glory then anyway.

So back to now. People gathered and stayed awake for so long. Soon they’ll be making things blow up and maybe then they’ll go to sleep. ‘Well see. I’ll see’, he corrected himself.

But the real reason for this last push, this last swing of darkness around the planet was much more interesting than just people bunching together. You see, this night was the great divider.

As he swept his gentle tint over the land and water, he brought a special passenger with him.

Silent and unseen, Midnight came in the depths of the darkness, cut loose the bonds and let the old year loose, then carefully coaxed the New Year into it’s new home.

New Years were often a bit nervous being so young and inexperienced, so it was nice that Midnight was there to help them settle in.

The Morning would take over the initiation a bit later on but for now, guided by the Night’s ever consistent flow, Midnight gently laid the New Year down around the Earth like a blanket.

As the Night looked out and watched the Old Year drift slowly away, it’s edges curling in on itself, he thought ‘That was a good one.

’ He gave his last goodbye’s and turned his attention back to Earth.

Looking forwards at the curved horizon, Midnight and Morning following closely behind, the New Year slowly settling in over the planet, he felt renewed, strengthened.

The Night took a deep breath in and surged forwards.

‘365 more to go’, he thought. ‘Yeah, I can do that’.

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