Little Lary
Little Lary scary stories
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stefangouwsFor music shall unite mankind
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What ever you do, don't let Little Lary get you…

Little Lary

Little Lary, Little Lary. Why thee Little Lary?

Scratched back, chipped tooth, thou be imaginary?

Sound of silence, listen to the Big Ben clock

Thy footsteps come near, within every tik tok

I hear a voice laugh, I hear a voice cry

Voice bursting my skull, thou fact will be not to deny

See thy shine of a coin, or thus, can it be a knife

What charge for to me, running to take my life?

Sound of silence, be thy figure? Blitz and jump, to stare at me?

Call Little Lary brother of Big Boy Lee?


Why Little Lary seek my pain, thou state I do not understand

Little Lary, Little Lary

For be it thy, who's touching my hand?

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