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By Timmy

By Timmy

Hello! ^^ It is me, Timmy :3 Mom said I could write my own story :3 UwU

Okay so, here goes :D

"Why are you sad?" A girl in red asked. The girl she had asked looked up then back down as she answered, in a slump. "Oh you know, because.." The girl in red sat next to her. "Wanna talk about it?" "..No." The girl in red smiled. "Okay, then let's find something that interests you! That way, you can be happy again."

The girl tugged on her sleeve and after a few hesitating seconds stood up. "Alright, let's go. My name is Eleanor but you can call me Ella, what's yours?" The girl in red stood up and smiled at her. "Calika." Ella tilted her head, curious. "That's so unique." Calika blushed, embarrassed by the praise. "Thank you. I like your name, doesn't it mean different things?"

Ella nodded. "Mhm! It means "all" or "other" in German, "beautiful fairy woman" in English and it can mean "light"." Calika smiled, thinking that her name suited her. "Now, where to first?" And off they went, Calika and her light.

Did I do good? :O This is my first time :3 I hope I did okay! ^^

Bye bye!! :D

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