Wrapped in Black
Wrapped in Black star stories

stadarooni Empathy is the human superpower.
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Stars twinkle and twinkle and dim.

Wrapped in Black

Bountiful blue berth, Blazing blackened horizons! Odyssey today!

Black beyond lingers. Daring darkened destiny. Will it devour?

Ghastly galaxies. Nebula nibbling my fear. Stars seeping then dim.

Time flutters into its sunset spread. Space melts into the universe’s graveyard.

It’s all wrapped in black.

That is reassuring, at least.

Aside: Sorry if this is depressing, but I really felt like writing something before heading off. The fate of the universe has always fascinated me, but I think this may speak on a smaller level as well.

I have a few more ideas for some pieces, but this is just me fumbling around (I am tired and the words didn't come as easily). I might take this down later. I hope it's interesting, at least! I'm also not this pessimistic about fate. :)

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