To You, Commaful!
To You, Commaful! thank you stories

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Not creative writing. Just a spiel!

To You, Commaful!

It's a beautiful spring morning and the sun is likely to come out over the thin sheet of clouds in the sky. But before that, I have something very important to say to YOU. Yes, you, whoever you may be!

To you, thank you! I have reached 600 followers, and it means a lot that you would read what I have to say. You have likely inspired me to write, and I cannot put that appreciation into the proper words they deserve!

To you, please keep writing! I wouldn't still be here if there was nothing good to read, but I see talent and pizzazz in every corner of this website. Your writing is part of a larger entity of passion and care. We all compliment each other and we all have something to add. That's beautiful!

To you, I'm always happy to comment! Are my comments too long? Sometimes they're probably a chore to read, but I hope you like them. But know that whatever you write deserves to be heard. Every word matters!

To you, you are the best. I came to Commaful to submit that first story of mine ('Hyperfocus') because I wanted to see what people would think. I didn't expect to see anyone comment or like it.

I've been writing for a while. I have a blog, also called stadarooni, and it's been difficult to build up anything. Fashion, beauty, and diaries are what reigns on WordPress. Creative writing left no mark. But you all listen to me, and I cannot describe how that feels.

Someone told me a long time ago that my words have an impact, and I now see that lesson spread tenfold. Twentyfold? I'm not sure I'm there yet! But that is a very special feeling. I want you all to be happy and creative!

This site has rehabilitated my passion for writing. It is the most pleasant of surprises. And I didn't expect great company to accompany my writing!

Writing is almost secondary to interacting with this fantastic community. Commaful has proved to me that the Internet can have good things! Keep all of your heads high and know that you all still have a ways to go. Keep supporting each other and never stop whatever you love doing! (Unless it's unlawful...)

Reader, thank you. Even if you don't comment, you made a difference. Even if read a single slide, you made a difference. It doesn't even matter if you're one of those 600. You are all awesome!

I was contemplating on doing shoutouts here, but I don't want to leave anyone out. The list would also be way too long! But know that no matter how small or large the role, every interaction on Commaful has fueled my passion to a wildfire. I hope it doesn't dim.

Instead, I'm going to copy a few other people and do an AmA (ask me anything). I just hope that I haven't been too transparent and given away everything... I have no rules, but I get to decide what to answer. I doubt I won't answer all of them anyways (haha), but heads up!

To you, you are the best. On this site, I feel blessed! Beginning of my quest, my pages will turn west, oh, how I hope they never rest!

Thank you! <3

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