Scream When You're Scared
Scream When You're Scared screaming stories

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I hear the creak at night
The monsters will come
Yet I can not fight
The monsters will come
Yet I have no might
I scream and scream
The pain explodes
But yet I scream till my voice implodes

Scream When You're Scared

Scream when you're scared

Don't whimper or cry

Don't leave any hint of tears left in your eyes

When someone hurts you

Hurt them back

Don't let them

Be the reason your smiles lack

I whisper my thoughts

On the floor, I lay

All alone no debt left to repay

Broken and bruised

Purple and blue

When I screamed for mercy

Did you listen you fool?

No you didn't and yet you continued

And so I scream

I scream in pain

in fear

in horror

and with my agony sheer

I listen to my screams

Yet all you do is hurt and hurt me more and more

I taunt you back you old crone

And scream for the world to hear

I scream in vengeance

I scream in pain

I scream for me

I scream in vain

I scream because I can

I scream because of power

I scream because I like the way it makes you cower

So listen up

When your lost and alone

Fearful and terrified of losing your own

Don't wait for people to come set you free

Scream and scream till you set yourself free

A Poem by: Sara Younes

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