I Know You're Cheating. Stop Lying
I Know You're Cheating.


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Yeah I know
I see you when you hide away
Grinning as you play
Not only me
But that other woman too
You horrid horrid man
And you thought I was the fool?
Just wait
You haven't even gotten to the preview

I Know You're Cheating. Stop Lying

You hold my hand

Why do you that?

I try to give you a smile

But it just falls flat

Another day of just looking at you

And my heart hurts

- God it hurts so much

You have me on my knees and my heart I clutch

It hurts as much I love you

Can't you see

Everytime you sneak in bed

The door hears my tears and even it creaks

I see it in your distinct eyes

I see it when you talk

The glimmer that you used to have

Is shut and closed behind a lock

I see it when you smile at your phone

And then hide it from my eyes

I see it when you walk ahead

Ugh I'm so tired of this demise.

I feel it when you hold my hand

So much looser than before

I feel in the way that you

Shut me behind a closed door

I know your cheating

Just tell me already!!!

I can't stand it when

You pretend we're still going steady

I love you.... you say

and I clench my teeth

STOP LYING ...... I scream

But inside I weep

I saw you with her the other day

Giggles filled the room

I reached out to touch the doorknob

But got choked by your fumes

I back away slowly

The stumble was real

I've always suspected you were cheating

But now I know a hundred percent my nightmare was real

I know you're cheating

I whisper to myself

Should I confront him?

No don't embarrass yourself

The giggles grow louder

My hands tremble more

The tears fall freely now

As I stare at the damned door

My hand was still hovering to open it

I realize

Why can't I move??!!

It's because your heart cries

Your brain has completely frozen

Your numb from the shock

You can't believe he lied to you

You step up and knock

You slam the door open

And the sight was like a stab

Hey sorry to interrupt!

But here's your ring, you ass.

You turn to the woman

He cheated on you with

And you feel sorry for her

Yet you're icy words don't quit

He cheated on me.

So he'll cheat on you too

I always knew it in my heart

You weren't even stealthy about it you fool.

My snarls are like roars

Never wavering once

And you walk backwards

Slapping away his touch

I know you're cheating

I even caught you in the act

Yet you still lie

And dishonor the facts?!

Listen up here douche.

You just lost a gem.

Go ahead and try to find someone

Who is as committed to you as I am.



You don't want to see what'll happen

If I leave this room crying

So good riddance please

Have a good LIFE!!!

Don't you EVER come look for me

When your life ends in strife




"It was a mistake" You cry

You cruel cruel man


For trusting you in the first place and not seeing any of the signs

𝒜 𝒫𝑜𝑒𝓂 𝒷𝓎: 𝒮𝒶𝓇𝒶 𝒴𝑜𝓊𝓃𝑒𝓈

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