Hunting Spree Part 1
Hunting Spree

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Hunting Spree Part 1

"I'm so bored" Kira thought to herself. The science lecture was soooo long. "When can I go home?" Today was just not her day. More people bullied her, she didn't seem to understand anything, and even her friends didn't talk to her as much as usual.

*After school ends* "Hey, how was school today?" Kira's mom asked. "I'm fine", she replied. At least she had her cat, Jasmine as company. "Could you take care of Jasmine today?", she asked her mom.

"FOR THE LAST TIME, who is jasmine??" That took an interesting turn. For some reason no one else could see Jasmine. She tried catching people by surprise, trying to get them to notice, but not even the teachers noticed Jasmine sitting on her lap the entire class.

Kira sat depressed, doing her homework. "What is happening to me today?" she thought to herself. Suddenly, she felt a tug towards the window. Her cat walked like a zombie towards the window and would've crashed if Kira didn't stop her.

"Woah, woah, woah, slow down Jasmine." "Do you feel it too?" Jasmine slowly nodded her head. "Just ignore that for now." After a few seconds, Kira started laughing, and Jasmine turned on her back as if laughing very hard too.

"Like we ever ignore things as important as that", she said out loud. She started her journey with Jasmine outside. Kira could see the inactive volcano near her house. It was there since forever. But now she could see aqua vapor lines coming from it.

She guessed that the volcano was where she was being pulled to. She guessed that only she could see the vapor lines, just like only she could look at Jasmine. She sprinted to the top with Jasmine at her side, excited to see what was there.

And when she reached the top, she saw four other teens discussing something. "Hey what's up?" one of the other girls said, "We were told that there would be 5 people on this quest." "And you're the last one," another continued.

Kira felt really dizzy now. "What quest?" she asked. She could see that the others each had an animal like her. She noticed that one of them had a grey wolf.

"Nice, you got a cat", the one boy said. Kira thought to herself, "They can see Jasmine!" And she became even dizzier and fainted.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for part 2! Stay safe and stay healthy!

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