An Ode to Berlin
An Ode to Berlin button poetry stories

speaking_that_w Community member
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berlin is contagious with love, so here’s my ode to this wild gem of a city

An Ode to Berlin

this city screams love touch it, feel it, read it i hear it out of every corner i live it i love it

seems like i’m on this ride for quite some time so i let you fill me with the air you breathe the impulse you give, manifestos you speak fairytales you believe

my bones come alive to the beat of your drum i feel like i’m more than the pain i run from can i take you with me? can i take your endless skies your battle cries your truths and lies?

can i keep you as a contant reminder that light prevails when all i have is malice - to choose kindness if all else fails when i feel like i’m trapped, suffocating - to take my hands off my throat to keep on rowing, not merely stay afloat to keep on growing cause i am my only lifeboat speak up, screw up and own what i wrote.

i hear you say love love love it’s not so hard love love love i can feel it in me love love love please let me remember love love love

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