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This story is not a real story. It is about a very thoughtful boy who cares about his family and town. He chases happiness as it finally finds him at last but,he still has a long journey to go.

The carpet

It was a very hot day in summer. The sun was beaming and my mouth was dry.

I was working on the fields and it was almost time to go home for the day and spend time with my family. Maybe my earnings for today will make a good meal for my family.

I was done with my work for today and just got my earnings for today.

Then I head to the best super market in our village to gather some vegetables. I enter the village. The dark cruel village surrounded by the kings monsters and goons.

But,what else can we do. I am a farm worker with barely enough money to buy a neat house for my family. I went past the goon and into the market. I came back out and see the same goon looking at me with those dark eyes.

“Hey, getting food for your family. All you do is farm. Let me see those vegetables.” He brutally grabbed them from my hand as I fell down on the ground. “ I think I will have these.” Then he walked away to tortchure more innocent people.

I get up and clean myself up.I’m done having to live in fear. The king doesn’t care. As I walk away from the market I see this rolled up gold designed carpet in a corner all dusted. “ carpets for free!” Maybe a fine carpet will do for my family.

I go to the stand and tell the seller that I want THAT carpet! He gave me a grin and said “it’s yours sir!”

As I picked up the carpet and placed it in my bag,I began to head home. It started to get dark and the streets became clear. I took a look inside my bag being proud of what I got today! But, the carpet wasn’t their. I started looking and retracing my steps and there, it was right in front of me.

All unfolded. Its golden designs gleaming in the dark. In the air! Is this a type of illusion? I thought to myself. Then it started talking in a Scottish accent! “I am a carpet.” “You can call me ancient mist.” “You have the chance to make four wishes.” “I will grant you anything lad.”

I stared in astonishment.I still can’t believe that a carpet is. talking! “Ok, can I make my wish now.” “Sure go ahead dear boy.” “But,remember you can only make four wishes.”

I thought. There are many things I wish for. I thought about my brothers and sisters. “A house, which me and my family can live in without any problems.” “Wish granted.”

“Gold necklaces for my mother and two sisters.” “Wish granted.” “ Nice shoes for my Father and two brothers.” “Wish granted.” “Remember lad, this is your last wish.What would you like to have thoughtful one.”

I thought about the carpets words. “Carpet, I... wish for happiness. I want to go home and live every moment of my life. I want my town to be happy.I don’t want to live under a king who doesn’t care about his people.” “Fourth wish granted.”

I opened my eyes slowly. I was in the Kings palace. My family members were all happy and I was sitting on the throne.My hands trembling and feet shaking. A crown on my head.I get up and peek outside at the town.The towns people were all cheerful and there were no more goons. It’s like they don’t even know what fear is.

I then slowly move my eyes towards the same carpet seller from yesterday who is grinning right at me.

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