You are who you are. A hair loss odyssey...
You are who you are. A hair loss odyssey... bald stories

someguy Not all those who ponder are lost.
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When life kicks you in the follicles, take the power back!

You are who you are. A hair loss odyssey...

Going bald (as with any affliction), you tend to forget “I am who I am”.

Instead, what I actually believed was: “Hair maketh the man.”

So ravaged by these internal voices, I began to weigh-up my infernal choices.

Is this baldness something I could hide, as I look to stop this agonising slide?

With a well-placed strand or toupee in hand, it might not even show.

And the normal people would never have to know that underneath it all life simply didn't grow.

But do I really want to wear a disguise? Being someone you're not can take its toll on your insides.

It can jar who you are, and before you know it you’re someone else, with secret traits most bizarre.

And let us not forget to mention, a windy blast (or sudden splash) could undo your hair styling intention.

So with images of dread I looked elsewhere instead. Because the world's a scary place when you balance things on your head.

Perhaps some pills to cure my ills. Their aim is to stop a hormone.

Did you know that baldness can be caused by too much testosterone?

But would this supression be worth the depression?

After all, A change in biology can impact psychology, turn me into someone i'd rather not be, and before I know it I’d be all alone. A full head of hair. Just me.

How about a transplant? Well that too was out of the question.

With savings fit for confession it seemed there was no end to this balding regression.

And no matter how much I pleaded, or begged the lord I needed, my condition got worse, and my hairline recieded.

I hated the way I looked. I feared ridicule from the cool and cruel, but one day it hit me- it was me who was acting the fool.

I am who I am. And without tablets or toupees, transplants or night pray’s, why should I give a dam?

Worry will rob you of a life well led. So do yourself a favour, invest in a razor, and use your thoughts for something positive instead.

You cannot stand out if you’re trying to fit in, and whether it’s wanting more hair or dying to be thin, remember:

You are who you are, the most. Remember that. No one else in this world will even come close.

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