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somebeauty Why? Well, Why not?
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Using a universe to hide....

My Universe

I take a step and almost go crashing.

The world is slanted and moving before my eyes.

I'm reaching out to the center of my universe only to find everything has shifted. He's gone.

I search for my brightest star but with the darkness closing in, his light is lost from sight.

One by one, every planet, every star, every meteor, has disappeared.

I am alone.

Continuing the search, only to discover a black hole has destroyed my universe.

The black hole is growing and consuming everything in it's path.

I am powerless against it.

I am frozen by the hands pulling and pushing every which way.

It's getting closer and slowly pulls me in.

I turn and stretch my hand as far as it can go but the light can't save me now.

My body goes numb and I'm fighting to stay awake but all I can see is darkness.

I take a deep breath and close my eyes.

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