Narcy and Empa
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slingingpapyrus Looking for criticism; thanks in advance
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Narcy and Empa

Narcy and Empa sittin In a tree K-I-S-S I-N-G

Narcy said hey lovely your perfect for me Empa felt honored Blushing at his decree

Empa said, Let's get down Theres safety on the floor Narcy said, stay, let's climb a few more

Empa climbed up And scraped her heart Narcy went tisk tisk Please do your part

Narcy said, Eyes to the sky Ugh, you got blood on my branch Look, I'm already up here Leave your heart on that bench

Empa grew weary Only one more to go But love's about trying No more worries in tow

Empa, I need you to stand on the tuff To open the chamber I'm not heavy enough

Like this? Yes exactly Arnt you excited for my win? I'm king of this thing Empa said, how might I get in?

There's isnt enough room for more than just one And Narcy shut the door Leaving empa plain shunned

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