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skyeEveryone has their struggles.
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A quick collaborative piece filled with lovely notes of gratitude! Happy Friendsgiving! <3

Thank You Notes!

I am presenting here a collection of thank you notes written by some sweet and kind members of Commaful. Hope you'll enjoying reading them. Please excuse me for the random gifs I have used here. :D Thank you! <3


When inspired by the amazing Skye, to write a thank you note, a spark was ignited, and thoughts began to float. What in the world, am I thankful for? I could write you a list, but I do not wish to bore.

There are however a few special thanks that do take prominence, they are held very dear, and have a place of dominance. The biggest thanks has to go, to a wonderful soul, there is no other like her, for she really broke the mould.

She gave birth to me, and has always been there, bestowing love upon me, with support and care. Many can come close, but there can be no other, I will always give thanks, for the gift that is my mother.

Then there are friends, the ones that are true, always behind me, in all that I do. The support that they give, is second to none, I thank them for making me feel like someone.

Then there's the universe, for giving us the stars, Whenever I look up, I am far away from the scars. I give thanks for the universe, for this amazing creation, It transports me away, and heightens every sensation.

Now I must turn, to the wonder that is nature, Its splendor is immense, I revel in its grandeur. The beauty it holds, runs so deep within me, It connects me to a place, that holds no negativity.

Speaking of places, there is a place that cannot be left out, It is a place that allows, many to scream and shout. A world that's connected, by the love of one thing, The passion for words, where every soul sings.

The love and support, that is offered by so many, is truly amazing, and what makes it a community. Friends have been made, that have become very dear, this place is Commaful, and I give thanks with a huge cheer!


With your cotton candy words, saccharine sweet, You shone in my life, a gem in the gloom. Your laughter is the music in my soul, It resonates with me and blesses my ears.

If only I could bottle that smile, Hold it close to my heart and immerse in it. You belong in the blanket of stars, high above, So everyone can revel in your beauty.

You are an extension of my soul and heart, Thank you for being you, sister.


Commaful is a garden of flowers, turning our words into our power. I am very glad I found Commaful, you all make it so wonderful.

Your ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ are gifts, filling my day with such bliss, I can feel your essence, in your ‘words’, ‘likes’, ‘shoutouts’ and ‘comments’.

Your click is my stage, am proud to have ‘gifted writer’s’ badge. I write my feelings here, you feel my feelings there.

We may be living half a world away, but I wish to meet you all one day. My heartiest thanks to you all, Commaful, you truly soothe my soul.


The time of Thanksgiving During this moment With family and friends Forever thankful


Thank you for all those times, when you stood by me. Being the perfect shadow of strength, you repaired my heart made of clay.

Being the perfect glue, you joined the broken smidgens of me. Being the perfect person, you stood by me as a caim of love. Thanks for all those times, life had been simple to hold.

You are someone I met strangely one day, yet you changed into someone so dear. Even these two words might be less to speak of the feelings I have in store for you, still ‘Thank You’!


I wanna say thank you for keeping me up at night For keeping me anxious all the time For making me nostalgic now For teaching me how to protect myself

Your abuse has taught me great life lessons And it's why I owe you So here, I stand thanking you again!


Thank you so much, Commaful, for the kind of loving response I’ve received for the first time in my life. Before joining Commaful, nobody in my immediate circle of friends and family had read my poems. I am overwhelmed and elated with the feedback and affection I have got.

I could probably pick out a few writers who have made me feel at home here, especially @skye @boblong @stadarooni @salmakhatoon918 @in and then many more... I really am grateful to all of you for being such a wonderful community. Thank you again!


A thought of gratitude left unshared is a sin none should commit. A heart-spoken "thank you" lifted me out of dark times and I want to make sure I can at least try to do the same for others.

Thank to show love and love to express thankfulness. Gratitude is a Cupid's arrow that will never miss.

It's way true and steady, to pierce your heart it is ready. Embrace thy self and thank your friend, and hope to be together 'till the end.


I don't care that nobody is listening, I never care that the words are lost, I won't care if only an echo answers,

I shouldn't care about validation, I've got my reasons, And I say "Thank you".


Maybe it was your soiled but gentle hands that planted the tiny seed of feeling. Or probably the warm light of your eyes that made the seed grow into an idea.

It could have been the lilt in your voice That nurtured it into a trailing thought. But looking at the life that had now taken root, I found that it was time that made it happen.

Time that you freely gave which grew and gave life as I found my own voice to give them back: “Thank you”. And together, we watched it grow even more.


woven with silken words colored with rosy thoughts studded with starry feels

like a perfect posy my thank you poem is velvety and perfumed

the love you give weightless like snowflakes glints and spurs me up

richer than rainbow gold magical like unicorn wings is the sparkle in your smiles

thank you for being you i love you to the moon and beyond my constellation, my commafuls (((,)))

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