Voldemort's Daughter Chapter 1 Part 1
Voldemort's Daughter Chapter 1  Part 1 harry potter stories

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Chapter 1 Part 1 of Voldemorts Daughter. Adlyn Riddle is going to Hogwarts as Voldemort's youngest spy.

Voldemort's Daughter Chapter 1 Part 1

Adlyn Riddle walked onto the train. She took a deep breath. It was her first year. That's right. I said Riddle. Adlyn is the official daughter of Tom Riddle (Voldemort).

She's going to Hogwarts to spy on Harry Potter. She knew that her father would be most proud if she found the compartment with Harry Potter inside of it.

She never wanted to make her father disappointed, so this was her big chance to prove that she can be a very loyal spy.

But then she thought about going into Harry's compartment, and that would've attracted more people to come in and then they would figure out who she is.

Instead, she looked for the quietest compartment with fewer people than three.

It was hard to find one that was silent. Each compartment was noisy, filled with five people or more. Finally, she found a compartment with two boys.

She took a deep breath and said, "Hello, my name's Adlyn. It is okay if I sit there?". She pointed to a seat next to the red-headed boy. "Sure," he said. "My name's Ron Weasley by the way.

" The black haired boy finally piped up. "My name's Harry Potter." Adlyn stared at him in horror. Now she 'd really done it. Couldn't even last ten minutes without disappointing her father.

"I don't care about The Boy Who Lived stuff" he quickly muttered. Adlyn felt her heart beat again. They only thought that she was impressed with Harry. No one expected a thing.

"Anything off the trolli, dears?" A plump woman asked. Adlyn said no and Ron muttered that he brought sandwiches, and shook my head. Harry jumped to his feat and followed the women.

Adlyn left the compartment just in case Ron and Harry became suspicious. Her eyes squinted trying to find an empty compartment. Again, she couldn't, so she found the quietest compartment.

It held one boy, three years older than her. "Hello," she said quietly, "I'm new here, is it okay if I sit here?" "Of course," the boy said. "I'm Cedric Diggory by the way." "Adlyn." she said.

(by the way, her name is pronounced AD-LIN) Anyone who is ready this comment "Expelliarmus!" in the chat. I just wanna see how amny people actually read until the end!!! Credit to @goldenpheonix for that, it's a pretty good idea though. :D

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