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Even the closest people can do the worst pain.


I grasped onto the edge. "Don't let go!" Travis yelled. "Why on Earth would I let go?!" I screamed. My hands started to slip. "Help me!" "I'm trying, I'm trying!" he cried.

I was about half an inch from falling from a building that is 30 stories. Travis pulled me up.

"Thank you so much!" I yelled, hugging him. "No problem, sis!" he sighed. "I'm just glad your alive." "Wait. How'd you get there in the first place?" he asked.

Oh no. I didn't expect him to say that. "Um. I was looking out the window and I fell?" The truth is, I was dared. By my old best friend, Lily.

Lily and I used to do all kinds of fun things. Then my parents banned her from my apartment. She blamed it on me.

She said these exact words: "Hannah!? Why? I'm your best friend. I can't believe you." and then she stormed off.

I was walking near the window where Lily pushed me. She said to stay there until she got her phone to take a picture of me.

Lily used to wear pink and yellow dresses, headbands, and fancy shoes. Now she wear black. Black clothes, black lipstick, black shoes, and black socks.

Then my older brother Travis came and found me.

"Hannah!? Hannah?" Travis said, snapping me out of my flashbacks. "Umm. Fine. It was Lily." I said, sadly. "Yeesh. Whatever happened to Lily?" I never told anyone the whole stroy. Until now. "Here's how it went....."

Lily and Hannah were the best best friends and friends could be. They had a million sleepovers and shared everything. They couldn't be closer.

One day, Hannah got home. Well, Hannah AND Lily. Hannah's parents didn't really like Lily. They wanted Hannah to be best friends will Lindsy Parkenson. Hannah's worst enemy. She told everyone what to do and was VERY bossy.

"Hannah, darling. Can we talk to you?" asked Hannahs parents. Hannah walked over to them. "We don't want Lily in the house anymore." her mom said firmly. "What?!" Hannah cried. "I-is something wrong, Mrs. Freen?" Lily asked politely.

"No dear. Hannah has something to tell you. " 'Uh oh' Hannah thought. Lily and Hannah walked outside. "So um. You can't come into my house anymore and we can't hangout anymore. My parents-" Hannah said quietly. "No. Not your parents. I know that this is completely you decision. You know what? We're done. I don't know why I was even your friend in the first place".

"Lily!" Hannah cried. "Betrayal is the worst"

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