the strongest man.
the strongest man. horror stories

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a short horror story, a silly one. i was bored.

the strongest man.

I am Bob, i woke up at 6:00 i destroyed my alarm clock. and i make some cofe. i go to work right now i am in my car. after traffic i make arrive to my job. i work at office. i type on computre. and play games when no one look. i work now, a coworker guy told me "hey look a new guy", I dont care , so i ignore and go bak to workn.

after some hard n tedoius. work. i get lunch brake. i eat tastty sanwige from FireHouse subs. so good. only problem is john coworker nebour. look at my delicos lunch, i snickered at him. after lunch brake i got back to work.

I realised that i did a good job. I finished my work and signed of, most people. were bein dismissed by now. it was getting late and it was already dark outside, i was starting to worry but remained positive. until the new guy approched me. he said his name was steve. he told me he was so strong, and that i was a weak man. i said you not so strong? he proved it to me by braking a pencil...

a feat very few can achive, i was scared of him now, i told him to go back to whatever he was doing. He left pridfuley. i tremble and i see what he doed next. i snuck into his locker room i found some gym shorts and protien bars, i opened another bag and found annblolic steriode in his bag i freak. oh no he was running toword me. i fleed from there and took the elevator to leave the building.

i rode the elevator calm until i feeled it stop ,the door opened. i was so scared but it was just a random guy but when i reach first floor. i saw steve in front waiting for me. i runned before he could have catched me. he punched people that were in his way with such force their heads exploded. brains and blood went everywhere, such horror, very scary.

he killed everyone so angry. i seed the peoples ghosts after he killed them i ran across the street but he chase me, when steve crossed the rode a car hit him but the car just broke on his body, i said "ok, stevson you are strong". he said "I WILL KILL YOU FOR DESREPECKING ME YOU FOOL " (exclamation mark)

i ran into restorant. i hid in a crowd but he killed crowd. i was shocked so i hid in bathroom he waited for me. i try to call polise but my phone fell in toilet he braked in the bathroom so decided to throw some feces at him. he desgusted ran away but more angry. i waited and then found a local phone booth i called polise and told crazy man chase me. the are one the way.

steve punched the glass in the phone booth and hurt me a bit i tried to run away but he caught up to me and he chocked me to death, since i did not give details to polise and descreption, i should have called earlier. i died, and steve lauged at me dead bod. he was arrested years later for assult.

i cannot belive i died, this is so sad, at leat they arrested steve in the end.

this damn story has ended.


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