Dismantled City (Dystopia)
Dismantled City (Dystopia) dystopia stories

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A girl journeys through a destroyed city by herself. Bittersweet memories return to her and she remembers how peaceful the days used to be and realises that her life might never return to the way it was. Will she escape the chaotic city and people or will she give-up too far in?

Dismantled City (Dystopia)

Chaotic; minacious; congested: alarmed people ran about the dismantled city, while 17-year-old Kara Wilson stood away from the bustling scene, silently devising a plan on what to do next.

Some people stood closer to her- already giving up and deciding that whatever efforts they made to escape the city would merely fail.

The other people were screaming and panicking, but everyone was anxious- distraught yet curious about when and what diabolical event would take place next.

The sky was gloomy and threatening, dark grey clouds hung above. Fog wandered around the frigid air.

Only a few imposing buildings remained standing,

whilst the rest were destroyed and disintegrating by the unexpected and sporadic series of violent explosions (that had just commenced but stopped after a few minutes).

All that Kara could hear was blood-curdling yells and the cawing of birds soaring in the sky, unbothered by the traumatic sight below them.

On top of this, chronic coughs could be heard in-between screams, due to the molten stench of smoke floating about the air. Kara began to swiftly manoeuvre through the people running around her.

It had not always been like this. Kara knew that everyone remembered the better days when the city was pleasant and bright.

Children ran around gleefully, parents calmly conversing with each other while keeping an eye on their children.

A familiar ice-cream truck waited on the path every day- attending to dozens of teenagers who were queuing patiently to purchase the flavourful delight.

The usual scorching sun shone in the sky as the millions of fragrant and gracious flowers basked in it.

Unfortunately, those days were long gone and would soon completely be a memory.

Kara continued, hoping to eventually escape the ferocious, untamed crowds, attentively avoiding the debris lying about the ground.

Her skin was already littered with deep cuts, because of the shard of glass and other sharp materials on the ground. Both her knees were scraped from continuously tripping and falling.

Annoyed and in agonizing pain, Kara pushed her silky brown hair behind her ears, fighting the urge to give-up and collapse on the ground helpless.

Despite her family and friends who desperately tried to make her surrender and accept that their lives were over, she was determined to flee her city somehow, whether she was on her own or not.

She struggled, pushing her way aggressively through the terrified citizens and remains of buildings that lay about.

In spite of being by herself, scared and slightly doubtful; Kara had made it!

She had managed to lose the mayhem behind her and slowly gained more confidence and faith that she would make it after all.

Even though she would have to endure the imminent obstacles and losses, she was prepared.

What was waiting for her next? Even though she didn't know, she was hopeful. With that, she continued her journey, craving a release from her torment and past.

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