A Bunny Mascot (Horror)
A Bunny Mascot (Horror) horror stories

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A young girl's story about the murder of her childhood best-friend

A Bunny Mascot (Horror)

I have a best-friend... Well, I had a best-friend; when I was younger. Her name was Tara. Tara and I were inseparable, we were always together since we'd met in kindergarten.

Unfortunately, she's no longer here due to an incident that happened when we were in the fourth grade.

This happened in the summer of 2012. It was Tara's tenth birthday and her mother decided to host a grand party for her.

It took place in an immense hall in our local clubhouse, and Tara's parents had invited almost everyone from school, including the teachers and their children,

Tara's close friends and their parents, other students that we barely knew and Tara's parent's friends.

We were having a pleasurable time in the party, jumping around childishly on stage with our three other close friends, Jake, Amelie and Thomas, not caring who was watching,

and stuffing our faces with the stacks of cakes and other piquant desserts.

My parents sat at a table at the front, near the stage. Tara, Amelie, Jake and Thomas' parents sat at the same table, eyeing us, making sure we weren't getting in any trouble.

We were laughing our lungs out on the stage, when a bunny mascot climbed onto the stage with us to greet Tara.

The mascot removed its head to reveal Tara's uncle, Steven, who I'd met many times before.

The five of us burst out into laughter again, beaming with happiness at the sight of the lovable mascot. Steven hugged each of us, our parents taking pictures, amused by the mascot as well.

He then took pictures with the other children and handed out candy. We were all having a wonderful time at this point.

Soon later, we sat down with our parents to start eating.

While I was devouring a piece of chicken, ravenous from fooling around earlier, I caught a glimpse of Tara, chatting with the mascot across the hall, at the entrance of a backstage room.

I thought it was strange at first, considering Steven was sitting at our table, enjoying his meal and conversing with Jake's parents.

However, I disregarded it after a while, assuming that it must've been one of Tara's cousins or a worker.

After we finished eating, Tara's parents noticed that Tara wasn't anywhere to be seen.

They started to get progressively worried, to which I told them that I'd seen her in the backstage room's entrance, talking to the bunny mascot. They looked panic-stricken.

Eventually, everyone in the hall started looking for her, including the staff. We'd looked all over the building, but she was nowhere to be found. Steven called the cops.

"Is Tara OK? We're going to find her, right?" I asked Tara's mom, innocently.

She patted me on the shoulder, tears streaming down her face.

"She's going to be fine, dear, we're going to find her," she said.

Yet her voice lacked conviction, and even at the time, I could tell that she was trying to reassure herself more than she was to me.

A week went by and there was no news of Tara.

Being our young selves, me, Jake, Amelie and Thomas thought that Tara was OK and that it wasn't a big deal that our companion had gone missing for a while.

One evening, I heard our doorbell ring. I was in my room, playing with my dozens of Barbie dolls, and my parents were watching the television downstairs.

I stealthily crept outside after hearing Tara's parents' voices as they entered our house.

I inched my way a few steps down the staircase, just enough so that I could look into the living room through the railing.

As I'd expected, both of Tara's parents were talking to my parents, however, they sounded frightened and Tara's mom was bawling her eyes out.

Perturbed and puzzled, I crouched down, watching and listening intently.

"We received an email today from an unknown address and there was a video attached to it," Tara's dad said first trying to gain composure, as her mom was too hysterical to speak.

I continued to observe as my mom attempted to console Tara's and my dad and Tara's dad hooked up their computer to our Smart TV.

They then clicked on the video attached to an email from a user named 'imtara@gmail.com'. They all then sat on the couch and watched attentively and in silence as the video loaded.

I fixated my eyes on the TV following suit. Tara appeared on the screen, standing next to the same bunny mascot, one of its arms wrapped around her shoulder, tightly.

"Your parents are going to watch this, say hi," a deep voice spoke from the mascot. My heart dropped. Who the hell was that?

"Hi mom, hi dad! I'm having so much fun here! The bunny gives me candy and tells me stories. When are you going to pick me up, though?" she said in an enthusiastic voice.

The mascot then removed its hand from Tara's shoulder and reached behind. Tara turned to peer curiously. She then yelled when the mascot pulled out a butcher knife.

She started to back-off, almost petrified.

"Come here, Tara! I have a surprise for you!" the mascot said, tauntingly. It blocked her, jamming the knife into her stomach. He then continuously stabbed her.

Blood oozed out of her wounds and her body fell to the floor, blanketed with the thick, red liquid.

"Oh, are your parents gonna' enjoy this!" It said, laughing sinfully.

The camera cut.

I saw everyone on the couch, sitting speechless, just as aghast as I was.

Many years have passed since then and the kidnapper was never found. I've never forgotten the sight. You'd expect that would torment my mind back then, considering I was so young.

Except it horrifies me to this very day. Not only had I lost my one and only best-friend, who was like a sister to me, but I had watched her get brutally murdered.

That wasn't the last time I witnessed that scene and I don't think it will ever be the last.

I see it in my nightmares every night, I can't go a day without it playing in my dreams and in my head at a random point of the day.

It has caused me to be paranoid ever since, especially knowing that Tara's kidnapper could still be out there, looking for me, my friends or my parents.

I still live with my parents and soon I'll move out to live with Jake, Amelie and Thomas in university. I don't think I'll ever be able to live alone. Wherever I am I have to be with someone.

Going to the toilet, going to try on clothes in a dressing room. All because of this wicked, wicked incident...

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