The Fuel of the Soul
The Fuel of the Soul fuel stories

serenitywing I am a hobbyist flash fiction writer.
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My diary entry of this Sunday's prompt is about Mozart and the fuel of the soul.

The Fuel of the Soul

Sunday, August 18th, 2019

Dear Diary,

Sometimes I feel sad because of the complexity of society. I can not understand people very well. That is because of my autism. I am a whimsical young woman with thoughts about Mozart.

I think that Mozart is my hero because the composer is the fuel of my soul.

Often times I imagine that Mozart rescues the world and delights the people with his music. Idiots like pirates are losers when Mozart is coming to save the universe.

Yes, the composer is an allegory of serenity. And I am very proud of that, I have to admit it. So, I hope that Mozart is in heaven now. My heart goes with music as I live.


Serenity Wing

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