Pray for Syria
Pray for Syria pray stories

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🙏Pray for the people of Syria🙏

Pray for Syria

Bombs or shellings people getting killed

Innocent souls dreams unfulfilled

Just borns hands covered with blood

Syria continue to bleed red floods

Families lost in dusty winds

for those who haven't committed any sins

Why o why? God are you even there?

lil ones dead which is not at all fair

they can't even bare the strong essence of a strawberry

but how can you expect them to bare heavy weaponry??

Injured families pleading for support

helter and skelter they run on shattered lands

corpses found everywhere with fragmented legs and hands

will this war ever hit abort?

Women being sexually exploited

in exchange for aid, awfully treated

Where's the humanity for those poor souls

for Syria being bombed which now looks like snooker holes

Lord please stop this all at once

for blood streaming out in tons

We pray for all to stop

for the rain to sweep the red juice like mop

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