The Princess and The Princess
The Princess and The Princess inner fight stories

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Ha, I just made that. Well, that poem sounds like it was from the medieval period, with all the stuff about armors, swords, dragons and stuff, but they're all just metaphors. But again, this is made with my feelings for my angel, and I really hope she never reads this.

The Princess and The Princess

Our love is different

I knew that from the start

Our love doesn't exist

But hey, I'm still allowed to try

From the start you told me this wouldn't work

I'm not your type although I'm always yours

Fight! Fight! Encourage me to not die!

Give me the strength to be by your side!

I told myself I shall have you

I can conquer your heart

But you never looked at me from the start

And I always thought of you as an angel's art

Hey, won't you give me a break?

I'm so tired I could go insane

I raise my sword in order to make you mine

But my dress always make you let me behind

I'm not a choice, you said that

I can't be considered, you mumbled that

I won't be seen, he told me that

Why is your greatest fear to lose me when you push me?

I put an armor in my body to help you

Look! This is me! Will you marry me?

No, I can't be your man

Thus you already have your horseman

I did my best, can't you see?

Why you deny all of my symphony?

You've never been so self restrict

But to him you can be so damn sweet

I'm a coward now, could you leave?

I can't stare at my love's so away from me

If they ask, tell them I died

I couldn't beat the dragon and come back alive

I've made too many sacrifices

You can't recognize the struggles of my life

But you won't see me to say goodbye

There's no longer the me inside

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