The Angel of my Heart's Death
The Angel of my Heart's Death love stories

saryurinJust a girl trying to find it's place
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I obviously made this thinking about soomeone named Cecile, it just happens that I will never be suitable enough for her. I can't become the one she wants me to be.

The Angel of my Heart's Death

She was never mine

Nor anyone’s

She was herself’s owner

She was her

Cecile, when I thought about you

My whole body cried

In many ways, I saw that I couldn’t escape from you

You’re so gorgeous, why?

I came here to stay away from you

“If I manage to stay two month without her, I can do it!”

How wrong and silly I was

Cecile, Cecile, Cecile

Hey, will you see me cry?

Will you listen to me?

God, it hurts! What did you do with me?

I wanna see you

I wanna touch you

I wanna feel you

God, help me! My whole mind is devastated

Like a fairy tale, you needed a prince

I could never become your prince

Not a princess, or a queen

I was only me, and you were my angel

You’re so cute and gentle

How many times I asked God to let me become someone suitable for you?

But I can’t!

Never, never, never enough

I wanna be here for you

But I have those feeling in my way

I’m torturing both of us

Just because I can’t get ridden of you

Your curly hair

Your mouth

Your eyes

So very beautiful in many ways

I can’t hug them the way i wish

I will do my best to take you out of my mind

But please, do not wait for me

I can’t be here

I can’t

My throat is so dry

But my eyes are so wet

My lips are cracked

My nails are bitten

My heart is cut

Will you please leave?

I’m sick

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