She and Her Cat

She and Her Cat pain stories

saryurinJust a girl trying to find it's place
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Well...she died today. Her, my precious Zeina. I cannot put into words the pain that I'm feeling, but this poem is almost near to it. I cried three times while I was writing this so...

She and Her Cat

Hey, can you listen to me?

If you can, why did you took her away from me?

She was fighting, There was still Life On Her Eyes

You took her before I could say G o o d b y e

Just like last time

You stole her life.

I promised that I would take good care

That no matter what I would be there

It was my fault that she died

I couldn't spare not even a few months to keep her alive

I left her knowing the price

And unconsciously agreed Without thinking Twice

Why? I tried my best

She wasn't supposed to be dead!

But I careless left her to die

Right before my eyes.

My promise wasn't empty But Our time Was

Her fate came And I knew it was no S u r p r i s e

And yet I still cry

My love, Please don't leave me

I asked God to return you But It was meaningless

I do not deserve forgiveness

But please! Come back, My dearest

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