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Well, I wrote this when my ex-boyfriend broke up with me, it was harsh and I desesperately needed someone by my side, without him I was all alone, and I only found someone 5 month later. But still, this poem holds many memories to me, so I just needed to post him.


Tears are falling from my eyes

Without a specific reason

I drop them under a non existing meaning

As I shed them one by one

I feel the pain that crushes my heart

I cannot understand why it hurts

But seeing you insist on comfort me makes me hate you

Make it stop

Make it stop

Make it stop

Make it stop

Make it stop

Make it stop

My phone keeps ringing as you try to call me

I answer you and see that you will take a while to see it

I should've stayed quiet

Crying while hugging that pillow that holds so many tears of mine

I did that,

And even after ditching you

Why do you insist?

Won't you stop pretending that you care?

You have your friend right by your side

I don't wanna die

So I won't bother you

You let him come inside

Welcome him to our side

Anxiety kills me but I still told her that I won't die

I won't die…

Because I'm a human being that wants to be alive

So why do I cry?

Those tears of mine keep falling from my eyes

I used to think that they hold the happiness of my soul

So why they hold my sadness now?

Emptiness is all I see

While looking at the mirror that reflects the ugly me

Making those tears visible in both of my cheeks

Seeing the scars made by the hurtful me

I scratch them and ask myself “what do they mean?”

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