An Illness Called "Love"
An Illness Called "Love" love stories

saryurinJust a girl trying to find it's place
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My gosh, how many times have I caught this illness? Well, I'm still trying my best to not cry while I read all of my poems, I hope you don't have the same feeling.

An Illness Called "Love"

An dark puddle that came from my pen

An dark blood that came from my hands

An bright smile that came from my heart

An bright letter that came from my eyes

Read my actions

Watch my words

Look at me, the anxious girl

She hides from the world

Scared of the people that cover her with hurts

You're her support

Try to hide her wounds

Don’t keep showing her burns

She is light

She is warm like the Sun

She is happy

She is trying to move on

“I am his first

But will I be the first on his eyes?”

She cries

She lies

She dies

An everyday though reach her

Scared of the monsters that don’t want her alive

She screams “I’m still breathing!”

She’s still trying to survive

The moth on her belly fly

It refuses to let her die

It wants to devour her

Before she breaks her own life

Thinking about him without a break

She’s happy for being eaten alive

Submissive to her weakness

She cries whenever he isn’t online

Trapped on his eyes

She wants to hold him tight

Kiss him until dark night

He wants to enjoys her desire until she says goodbye

Dreaming like a princess

Her prince cannot be found it

Betrayal is on her mind

An untrustworthy though

You can't trust your heart

She's afraid of the lies

That keeps her illusions alive

But he doesn't leave her mind

It corrupt her once innocent life

Yet she accepts it without knowing the price

Getting hurt by her foolish choice that kills her alive

She’s ill with an incurable disease

Which will leave her burned in no time

An illness called “Love”

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