Loki X Reader (Part 3)
Loki X Reader (Part 3) loki stories

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You start catching feelings for Loki!? And ends in you staring at him and him staring at you. What’s next? Loki seducing you?

Maybe...just Maybe.

Loki X Reader (Part 3)

Time Skip To Five Weeks Later. (They haven't found any of you yet)

Y/N(Thoughts): I don't understand. He is actually a sweetheart? I can't believe it...can I?

Loki knocked on your door causing you to jump slightly.

Y/N: Yes?

Loki: Your Bath is ready.

You gulped feeling awkward. Even though you asked him to prepare you a bath you didn't expect him to actually do it for you.

Y/N: Ah, Thank you Loki!

You heard a small grunt and depleting footsteps. You grabbed clothes that were given to you by Loki.

You open your door and tip-toe out and into the hall. The hallway is filled with his scent, Vanilla Bean and Coffee.

Y/N(Thoughts): Delicious

You shook your head and walk to the bathroom door and open it slightly. The shower is running...Loki is taking a shower.

((A/N THOUGHTS:Do Gods Take Showers? Sorry.)

Loki: You May come in. I'm almost done, you must use the shower for your hair. The bath is to get you relaxed.

It's as if he read your mind. You walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind you. You set your clothes down on the nice sink counter and walk over to the closet grabbing a towel.

You then strip yourself down, out of your clothes and put the dirty clothes in the hamper that was in the closet.

You got into the bath, your muscles relaxing, you subconsciously let out a moan. You didn't know you had so much tension but you did.

You almost completely forgot about Loki until you heard the water turn off. Loki did stare at you almost the entire time. He couldn't look away at your beautiful body.

Loki(Thoughts): Oh my. Her body is so beautiful, wait...why have scars on such a beautiful body.

Loki didn't think to much about it, in the five weeks since you have been kidnapped and taken here he learned a lot about you.

The only thing he didn't know was about your father and how abusive your father was towards you and your mother.

Anyway you heard Loki open the door to the shower, his wet feet making slight tapping sounds as it hit the hard floor. You couldn't help but glance over and stare.

Your heart almost skipped a beat when you saw his pale skin. His pale skin that was covered in big and little scars.

Loki knew you were staring at him, but instead of telling you to look away, he stayed quiet and continued on with whatever it was that he was doing.

(A Few Minutes Later)

The water In the tub started to get colder so you decided to drain the water and go over to the shower. You turn on the shower and step inside. The warm water makes you relax even more.

You put your head underneath the shower head, wetting your hair. You grabbed any bottle of shampoo, you grabbed Loki's, Vanilla Bean and Cocoa butter.

Y/N (Thoughts): Now I know why he smells like Vanilla Bean.

You lather and rinse your hair, once you put the conditioner in your hair and wash that all out.

You turn the shower off and step out of the shower, wrapping the towel around your body, drying yourself off. You take the nightgown and put it up, you see that it's see through.

You want to scream but since you were in a good mood you didn't. You slipped on the nightgown first then the Underwear which wasn't even that, it was a thong.

Something you never wore in your entire life, but you put them on anyway. The thong goes right between your ass causing you to jump slightly.

Y/N (Thoughts): Why Meeee?!

You get rid of access water in your hair then blow dry it. Once you were done you put your towel on the door that had a small place where you could hang clothes or towels.

You opened the door to the bathroom, the hallway light was on but no sign of Loki. You peek in his bedroom door but he wasn't there.

Then you hear a loud bang from downstairs, he was watching tv downstairs...or was he? You walk to your bedroom and open the door, the temperature suddenly falls causing you to shiver.

It was pitch black, only the hallway lights and the moon were giving the room some light.

Loki: Well, Well, Well

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