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sami guess i'm alive now
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by sami

naivety of children frustrate you

you know this, you've grown this

you needn't be reminded of the minds foolishness, simplicity

back when you weren't taunted by the rules - that you earned and wrote yourself - when it was clean and bare of reminiants from the ones that left a fade even after you rubbed them out

you don't want to hear it

not their childlike ponders and questions that refute the disbalance, the disposition of originality and the world and your world that you wish to leave

they simply don't know it yet

you were more aware now than a year ago, and you don't know where to start when you pinpoint the progress of this self-awareness

you never reach the tip of the arrow

because you only know once it's already over

it's like prescribing a new antidepressant

and you're told its only a matter of time when you say nothing has changed since you were admitted, since you first popped the pill from its casing and since you chased 6 at a time with tap water

its not something you wake up to

not breakfast in bed because you live alone and it's yourself who needs to pluck the cornflakes from the woolworths aisle

it happens all at once

it happens when you check your emails and realise it's been 3 months since you had coco pops, you don't miss the taste but you remember the lingering chocolate in the back of your teeth

it leaves a stain in your enamel

and while that phase is over you're thinking of sugar when you flick your tongue over the dent in your tooth

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