Alter Ego
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Adam has been taking Y/N for granted but Michael appreciates their calm and caring nature.

Alter Ego

Requested on Tumblr

Pairing: Adam/Michael x reader

Genre: Fluff, Slight Angst

Characters: Adam, Michael, Y/N

You and Adam hadn't been getting along well lately.

It could be due to the fact that with Adam now in the supernatural world, a lot of stress and frustration was evident in the air around you both.

Or it could just be that Adam has just gotten used to you being there for him. Either way, you had had enough of the way he was treating you and made a big life-changing decision.

"Where are you going?" You were stood in front of the door with your hand on the handle and your suitcase sat by your feet.

Spinning around on your heel, you locked eyes with Adam and narrowed your eyes. "Somewhere away from you. I can't be around you anymore, it's too much.

" You turned back around and picked up your suitcase, pulling down the door handle and opening the door.

"Wait, please." You stopped in your tracks as the once grizzly and angry tone turned to a soft and smooth one.

A small smile made its way onto your face and you closed the door, beginning to make your way towards the voice. "Hello, Michael.

" You engulfed him in a hug, which he gratefully returned and pressed a small kiss to the top of your head.

Michael gently grabbed your hand and led you towards the sofa, sitting down. Michael kept hold of your hand and placed it on his lap while looking deep into your eyes.

"We won't be able to live without you. You mean so much to us."

You looked down at your knees. "I may mean that much to you, but Adam is a different story. He just doesn't seem to want to be around me anymore, as if I'm a burden to him.

" Michael shook his head and hooked his thumb under your chin, bringing you to look at him. "You are not a burden. He loves you very much and so do I".

Small tears escaped your eyes and ran down your cheeks. "I don't know if I believe that. He hasn't told me he loves me in months; he takes me for granted.

Nothing I ever do is good enough for him." Michael brought a hand up to your face and softly stroked the tears away using the pad of his thumb. "Adam does love you with all his heart.

I can feel it, in here" Michael brings his hand to his chest.

"He knows how much he's been hurting you, how much he's taken you for granted, and he wants to make it up to you; if you'll give him a chance."

You looked deep into Michael's eyes and nodded, watching as a light blue spark lit up his pupils. Michael's soft expression was erased and was replaced with Adam's worried one.

"I'm so sorry, Y/N. I didn't realise how much I've been hurting you. You need to trust that you are, and you will never be, a burden on me. I love you so much, Y/N L/N.

I'm going to spend the rest of my life making it up to you. Please don't leave me."

Large tears began falling down Adam's face. Looking at his face, you could sense that he was being sincere. You closed your eyes and nodded, letting Adam wrap you up in his embrace.

"Thank you, my love. I'm never going to take you for granted again. You are the most important person in my life and I'm going to make sure that you always know that."

He kissed the top of your head and you both stayed wrapped up in each other, content with the others' company.

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