Charmy Nonsense Chapter 1 Charmy in a Library
Charmy Nonsense Chapter 1

Charmy in a Library
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sajman Yo, the name's SAJ-Man! I'm a Sonic fan
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A bunch of silly one shots about little old Charmy Bee. Hopefully reading this will change some Charmy haters' opinions.

Charmy Nonsense Chapter 1 Charmy in a Library

Author's Note: Uh this was a writing exercise, trying to get a feel for Charmy's character without the other characters getting in the way. Of course, some people hate the poor bee, but I think he's a pretty good character. He's got potential to be a stand alone character to me. And I just wanted to put him in random places for vague reasons just to see what he would most likely do. So yeah, that's all. XDDDD

I got a couple more of these, if you want to see them, I'll upload them. Otherwise, I'll just leave them as writing exercises and move on with my other stuff.

Vector forced Charmy to go to the library and get some books pertaining to a new case. Charmy of course was bored when he first got there, reading and quiet? No thanks. He'd rather play around and have a loud happy time. But no, Vector said it was super important to the case and he needed to get all the books based on... freezing soup?

"Arrgh! What does this have to do with anything?!" Charmy groaned loudly, granting him a unanimous irritated shush from the entire establishment. The small boy visibly shrank under the sudden adult correction and sheepishly looked at the ground.

"Sorryyyy..." he said quietly. Man this place was boring. And the people were mean. Oh well, the sooner he got the stupid boring books for boring Vector he could play with his toys. Charmy flew around, as quietly as his hyperactive personality would allow, in search for the freezing soup books.

Aisle upon aisle of bland book covers and ugly carpet scrolled past him as he flew deeper into the library. Charmy was just about to give up and go back home, until he saw the most wonderful thing he would ever see in a library. "Comic booooooks!!" he shouted more excited than he'd been all day. Much to his surprise, he didn't receive any shushing from the mean adults.

Turns out, this part of the library was deserted for the moment. Too excited to stay still, Charmy flew around the shelves, grabbing everything that looked cool. After a second he had an entire stack of comics bigger than Vector in his arms. He plopped down right in the middle of the aisle and began skimming through the colorful explosive pages.

He cheered and laughed and cringed at the scenes he had unfolded in the colorful books until one caught his attention longer than any other comic so far. It was about knights and castles and medieval wars.

Charmy normally didn't think too highly of that kind of old timey stuff, but the way the characters were armored and the castles they were in intrigued his curious mind. After a couple minutes of studying the comic, he gasped in exclamation.

"I got it! Hee hee hee, this is gonna be awesome!" the bee said to himself as he flew back to the boring part of the library and picked out the thickest and biggest of the boring books. With the speed of a sugar rush toddler, he had brought hundreds of thick hard cover books to the comic book part of the building.

After standing on his large pile, he began to rearrange the pile into a more structured form. Within seconds, a pile of books were made into an exact replica of the castle from the comic book. Charmy had ripped a couple of the blank pages out of the back of an encyclopedia and origami-ed them into a knight's helmet and sword. He was ready to play now.

"Halt, none shall pass into the Bee Castle this day! I, Sir Charmy of Beedom, will protect this castle from all invaders!" he declared loudly, in a voice he thought sounded heroic. Eventually, someone walked past the aisle and Charmy addressed them. They were confused but amused and decided to play along.

More and more people began to walk past, some joined in the game, others simply watched. Charmy and his new friends fought in sword fights, slayed some dragons, partied with the king, all kinds of fun was being had. Until the mean librarian came to the comic section and saw a bunch of books being misused by kids.

She furiously chased after Charmy and his playmates, throwing books and anything she could get her hands on at them. While all the other kids were terrified, Charmy simply laughed and flew away from her.

He was having a great time, the lady had a good arm! They lapped around the library 6 times before the librarian threw a special book Charmy's way. Instead of dodging, he caught it and saw it was one of the books Vector asked for.

Charmy grinned and flew circles around that particular aisle, the librarian still angry, threw everything on the shelves at him. Charmy, while dodging, read the titles of the books, picked out the one's he needed, and once the shelves were clear he laughed.

"Thanks for helping me find these! You're a really fun library lady! But uh" Charmy looked around at all the destruction their chase caused, "You should really tidy this place up! Looks like a tornado hit it!" "THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT, YOU PESTY---!!" the librarian screamed, until the bee flew right in her face and yelled---

"SHHHHHHHH!! This is a library, you know!" that was the last straw. The librarian lunged at him, but Charmy quickly flew above her and headed out the exit, laughing all the way. "Guys, I'm baaaaaaack!" Charmy shouted as he crossed the threshold of the Chaotix's little detective agency.

Vector looked up from his papers and pulled one of his headphones from the side of his head. "What took you so long?! Did you slack off again?!" Vector fussed. Charmy flew up to his desk and placed the small stack of books in front of the older man.

Vector, surprised, looked down at the pile, then back up at Charmy, his expression falling to a slightly annoyed pout. Charmy's smug smile was plastered on his round little face and slapped Vector right across his.

"As a matter of fact, NOPE! These are AAAAALL the boring books you wanted, Boss!" he chirped happily. Vector picked up the books and opened one of them to the first page. Charmy's smile slightly fell as silence grew between them. Vector looked back up at him and quickly patted the boy's head with his large hand.

"Good work, Charmy! I bet this took a lot of effort and focus for you to do!" Vector chided warmly. Charmy giggled and rubbed his nose meekly. "Naaaaw! It was a lot more fun than work!"

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