In the Dark

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sabanikki Just an island girl
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... fight to survive

In the Dark

Silent struggle in the dark Through a landscape barren and stark. Gasping for breath can't seem to breathe. Open my mouth in a soundless scream.

Time is slowly creeping by A new day dawns, quietly arrives. Count the minutes, brace myself. There's no one there, no one else.

Reach for my armor, don my mask. Focus my mind, set my task. Take every step and run every mile. Head held high, with a broken smile.

Sun sets again and darkness belongs Can't let it in, must stay strong. Don't let it see, don't let it feel. But the door breaks open, my voice it steals.

Another painful, ripping fight. Another dragging, endless night Will this cycle ever end? Will I... Can I.. ever win?

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