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You cornered me...


Checkmate. You cornered me using my deepest, darkest fears.

Checkmate. You knew you were done with me, so you wanted to make me hear.

Make me hear the gossip, the hushed voices, the cruel words. Make me hear about my failures and how everything I did was cursed.

Because you knew it would hurt me. You knew it all.

You knew about how you were going to plunge your dagger into the depths of my heart. Not just to let me bleed, but to make my soul bawl.

To make my spirit weep in despair over the fact that you betrayed me again and again and again.

But, what was different this time was that instead of yanking the dagger out, quickly and as painless as possible...

You stood over me and looked at me in the eyes. Unflinching and heartless. No longer wearing a disguise. And twisted that blade all the way around.

Wrenching the light out of my body once and for all. ********************************** **********************************

********************************** ********************************** Now, when I look back and stare in the mirror, I can barely see your mark, my dear. Because the scar running over my heart is now fading away, not breaking me apart.

So, let me tell you why you didn't win. This isn't a game of chess, but rather the chance at life. By giving me one low doesn't mean I'll never again reach the sky.

Because now I've got my own wings so that I can fly and fly.

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