Wrecked at a young age
Wrecked at a young age  sad stories

rwinabh Just spilling ink to drain myself
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One unfortunate relationship made my whole life a mess.. a mess i still can’t clean.

Wrecked at a young age

I lost faith in love ages ago

My heart became defective since that one heartbreak

I was still so young

I didn’t know about love too well but i got to know pain like the palm of my hand

I knew how it felt to be betrayed by the people you thought were the closest

I knew how it felt to be talked about behind your back

And most of all i knew how it felt to be rejected by the one person you thought would stick with you forever

I went through all of that at a young age, a vulnerable age

An age i thought all is possible

An age i thought i can be what I wanted and i can do what my heart wished for

That weak age when i was still building my hopes, they got wrecked all in one go

That young age when i was still waiting for my dreams to blossom, i saw them shatter before seeing light

I still remember clearly the long crying hours and the sleepless nights

I still remember the burning pain in my chest and the choking screams that wouldn’t leave my throat

I still remember the times I cut to see relief and the times i drank to forget

I was still a clueless girl and i saw the ugly before the good

Now how am i supposed to love again?

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