Their story

Their story  romance stories

rwinabh Just spilling ink to drain myself
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Their story

Eyes that have lost their shine A smile that seems so shallow A heart so broken yet acting fine

A back that has been stabbed A past that has been scarred A mind so strained yet knows not to whine

A pain so hard to forget A future so scary ahead But she wants their fates to intertwine

A woman who’ve always been there The one who knows him well Still her love so divine, hard to define

Eyes that have seen it all A smile that is so warm A heart so big it fits him whole

A back that is so strong A past that wasn’t easy A mind that’s had him all along

A pain she asked to share An unclear future , she’s aware And he wants to harm no strand of her hair

A man who has been hurt A woman who’ve seen him hurt An ambiguous future they choose to dare..

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